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This is one of the shortest pieces I've ever written, based on a singer I knew back in the day when I worked as a cocktail waitress in a bar in the East Village. She loved martinis and loved to sing, and sometimes the two worked together in perfect harmony.


Patsy appeared in Granta online in February 2012.

Thumb in the Air, Back to the Wind

This piece appeared in Dame Magazine online in December 2014.

City Boy

"City Boy" appeared in Granta 118: Exit Strategies (Winter 2012). The story, about the friendship between a 20-something young woman and a 6-year-old boy, takes place in the very different New York of the 1980s, all but unrecognizable today.

Judy Chicurel's "City Boy" is the touching account of a young woman's relationship with a distrustful boy.
–The Guardian

City Boy appeared in the Winter 2012 issue of Granta


Damon and Debra

NY Fringe Festival 2009: "...skillfully penned by Judy Chicurel, the dialogue is sharp and funny throughout and the relationship that develops between Damon and Debra grows naturally before our eyes."


– review by Amber Gallery


"Playwright Judy Chicurel has hit one out of the park at her first New York theater with a fascinating interaction between two commuters stranded together on a subway train."

–Lauren Yarger, Reflections in the Light theater blog

A Better Place

For excerpts from Judy Chicurel's play, A Better Place, please see page 510 of, Scenes from a Diverse World: A Contemporary Collection of 73 Short Scenes About Diversity with Two or Three Characters: For Student Actors (International Center for Women Playwrights 2013).


Please see page 510 for scenes from Judy Chicurel's play, A Better Place